It has been an amazing (crazy!) week since releasing verlet-js to the world. The tiny library—which really just lets you link particles together—seems to have deeply struck a chord with people.

The reception and feedback that I’ve received so far has been wonderful! My mind is spinning with ideas of where to take it next. My focus, I think, will be to make verlet-js a playground for those like me; the creators, explorers, and the practitioners at heart.

The little (physics) engine that could

I thought I would share a few of the highlights of this past week:

  • Since release, there have been over 225 forks of the verlet-js code repository.

  • What started off as a weekend creative coding session has, at least for the week of April 22nd, become the most popular repository on GitHub!

  • People are finding areas ripe for enhancement, and have found bugs—some of which are fixed now—or soon will be.

  • The overall sentiment that I have received thus far is that, what can be accomplished with Javascript these days is completely mind-bending.

Looking to the horizon

I am currently experimenting with additional constraint types that hopefully will make it in soon. The goal here is to allow for richer behavior dynamics, which ultimately pave the way for more exploration.

Beyond improvements to the core library (and maybe better documentation), I have some ideas in mind that I hope to start on soon; both experiments using, and frameworks built on top of verlet-js.

More fun things are around the corner!