Referrerly Analytics

Referrerly Analytics

Goodbye Google Analytics. I’m happy to report that the website analytics for this site is now being provided by a new service I just launched, Referrerly!

See a live demo for the analytics on this site.

Why build an Analytics Service?

I wanted website analytics that had a privacy first focus (no cookies, no device fingerprinting, no evil-corp 3rd party data sharing policies, turning your users into a product, etc..). Other services in this space seem to only provide a single plain dashboard—much too simple and crufty to be of much use.

So I built Referrerly to be exactly what I was looking for. It can replace or complement your existing analytics—be it service or log analyzer.

Referrerly Analytics Dashboard Report

How does Referrerly compare to log analyzers?

These can show things like server bytes transferred in/out, but are completely blind about how or why something happened. They totally miss out on the UX component of the experience.

Referrerly is able to collect anonymous metrics about things like how quickly users switch to a different tab in aggregate after viewing a page on your site. Referrerly also stores this information encrypted—unlike flat log files.

Open Source Analytics

I’m thinking about releasing Referrerly as open source in the future—depending on interest. In my mind a service and the open source software could co-exist nicely.

The service would offer analytics that are ready to go, easy to use, works right out of the box, no server setup, built in scale. The software would be for people who really like running their own infrastructure, managing their own SSL, wading into code, etc.

Feedback Welcome

Please try out the service. No payment information is required to test out Referrerly on your website. I have a lot in store, but I would love to hear your feedback on what you’d like to see next.